Glide gently through the wonderful wintery wonderland at the foot of Catinaccio and Latemar

The most excellently prepared Langlauf trails await you in Carezza

Clear, blue skies, snow-covered forests and our approx. 18km of sun kissed trails, providing a perfect panoramic view at the foot of the Catinaccio, are enough to get Langlauf fans’ hearts racing.
These light inclines and pristinely prepared trails are also particularly suitable for beginners.

– Frin Circuit, 5km easy – open
– Karersee Circuit (Angerle Hut), 3km easy – open
– Frin – Niger – Frin ConnectionTrack, 8km easy – 6km open
– Simhild – Moseralm – Frin ConnectionTrack, 4km medium difficulty – 2km open

Tobogganing in Carezza

All-round fun for the whole family on the Carezza ski resort’s toboggan runs

Hubertus Toboggan Run
– 1.2km long  
– Start: Hubertus Gondola Lift Mountain Station
– End: Hubertus Gondola Lift Valley Station
– A comfortable journey to the top with the gondola lift

Schwarzsee (Black Lake) Toboggan Run
– Start: Skilift Franzin Mountain Station
– End: Near the Moseralm Hotel, Length: 1.5km